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Nanjing Lipack Co.,Ltd is a collection of all range of packaging products, especially paper packaging products, which including Kraft paper bags, Luxury paper bag ,paper box, paper labels & stickers, paper tags, bubble bags, poly bags, paper tags…

Factory custom wholesale luxury shoes clothes shopping packaging paper bags.The material is nice 250 g thick, Fine Art Paper not kraft paper and not 157 or 200 gsm, while maintaining the Elegance and Class.The Shopping bag is always an important part of brand promotion.   No matter the model in the poster or the crowd on the street, the shopping bags they're carrying are eye-catching all the time.  We owns various advanced production technology, allows to print your brand logo, and design on the paper shopping bags in every style. A Unique, Fashion, and High-quality shopping bag can help your brand leaves a better impression in your customer's mind.

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